This 300-Word Essay Format Will Help You Nail a Great Essay Every Time

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If a 300-word essay is what your instructor asks you to write, master the process here. When writing an essay, break it down into bite-size pieces. When you become familiar with a few simple steps, writing a 300-word essay will be unable to intimidate you.

An essay is a piece of writing on a particular topic that can be a short or long piece of work. If it is short, this type of essay still needs a formula nonetheless, which will guide you toward getting a good grade. After selecting your title, next come the steps for your essay.

A 300-word essay will consist of four or five paragraphs. Let’s concentrate on five, which is the more commonly used. The five paragraphs are:

1. The introduction

2. First body paragraph

3. Second body paragraph

4. Third body paragraph

5. The conclusion

Realize that each "paragraph is allotted a number of words. The introduction and conclusion will contain 45 words each, while the three body paragraphs will have 70 words each. The total number is 300 words, which is our goal" (TutorPhil).

Suppose your instructor gives you this essay topic: Should the continued deforestation of the rainforest be allowed? This calls for an opinion. Decide your stance on it. If you are against the deforestation of the rainforest, write down a few reasons why.

You are to choose three reasons, "and research these. These will be your three body paragraphs for your 300-word essay" (TutorPhil).

From Introduction to Conclusion – Here are the Five Steps for Your 300-Word Essay


The introductory paragraph sets the stage for what is to come. It takes the reader by the hand and leads her into the essay. In the introduction, she will discover the subject, the main point (thesis), and the three supporting ideas. This makes a total of five steps. Here’s an example of an introductory paragraph for a 300-word essay.


The deforestation of the rainforest has been a point of debate for many years. This destruction knocks our delicate ecosystem out of kilter. It destroys plants that yield medicinal value. It destroys the habitat of animals. It destroys our planet’s ability to maintain temperature control.

We come to the point that after "writing the introduction, we now move to our first body paragraph, which is our first supporting idea. It gives a general statement, moves to the specific, and ends with an example. It should contain 70 words" (TutorPhil).

First Body Paragraph

Scientists have shown that rainforests exclusively contain many plants that are responsible for healing today’s human illnesses. Unfortunately, the Brazilian rainforest, which is the largest, is where much of the rainforest devastation is occurring. The Amazon rainforest is the home to most of the anticancer plants. Lapacho is one of these medicinal plants. Besides its use in treating cancer, it also alleviates the pain from the treatment and fights infection.

Second Body Paragraph

We share the Earth with animals, most of which live in the rainforest. Many of these animals are endangered, although these and others have died by tens of millions as a result of deforestation. Science is discovering that our existence could be severely impacted by their extinction and dwindling numbers. These animals include mountain gorillas, orangutans, leopards, sloths, capybaras, deer, armadillos, and many species of birds, to name a few.

Third Body Paragraph

Removing trees unchecked from our delicate ecosystem is a bad idea. The rainforest’s canopy of trees keeps the temperature balanced by blocking the sun’s rays during the day. At night, the canopy provides for the retention of heat. An imbalance will be deleterious to plants and animals. Plants absorb carbon dioxide that humans emit and also absorb greenhouse gases. If this absorption is disrupted, global warming leads to climate change.

We now come to the conclusion part of the 300-word essay. Here we will restate the main point (thesis), summarize our points, and have a final ending statement.

We can be advised that "the easiest and most time-proven way to write a conclusion is to simply restate all the points using different words . . . You can even copy your introductory paragraph and change all the wording . . . just write the conclusion based on the introduction" (TutorPhil).


Rainforest destruction has a detrimental effect on our delicate ecosystem. Deforestation robs us of medicinal life-giving plants that are found only in the rainforest. Deforestation has led to the death of countless animals. It has also contributed to our planet’s profound struggle with temperature control.

Rainforest tiger

Our essay format ends here. It should fulfill the requirements for a 300-word essay. Be sure to proofread your paper. It doesn’t do much good if you have nailed an excellent essay, but it’s filled with grammatical errors. And above all, avoid plagiarism.

For more information about writing the 300-word essay, check out TutorPhil.

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