How to Write Great Essays That Will Make You Proud

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How to write great essays is often on the minds of many who have this as a writing goal. We will start this article with a working definition of an essay.

Essays are structured written works based on a certain topic that showcases an author’s argument. The less structured definition of an essay can include letters, articles, or even rants.

Students are often required to write essays as part of their school curriculum. Essays are popular in order to satisfy one of the college admission requirements.

So, you want to know how to write great essays, do you? You’ll need to start by knowing the type of essay you want to write. 

There is the formal essay and the informal essay: “Formal essays may include admission essays, scholarship essays and . . . cause and effect essay[s], persuasive or even argumentative. Informal essays . . . tend to be more personal, they have a sense of humor and feature common interest” (MyMMANews).

In addition, the informal essay is written in the first person, meaning it uses the personal pronouns of I or my. It is less structured and can be long and rambling. 

While learning how to write great essays, if you want to write an informal essay, you get to choose the topic. It helps to choose a topic you’re familiar with or would like to become familiar with. 

Although the informal essay is less structured than the formal one, it still needs some structure and organization. Otherwise, it will be a hodgepodge of verbiage that will not make sense.

Let’s say that you know a thing or two about astrology. This is a broad subject. Whittle it down to find a niche topic within it.

Learn How to Write Great Essays by
Choosing the Right Topic

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Make a list of topics to narrow your focus. Here are a few to consider if you plan to write about astrology:

  • Birth chart reading
  • Why Sun and Saturn are enemies
  • Why do people of India strongly believe in astrology?
  • How astrology shows why some people lead extremely difficult lives
  • How the planets can foretell a person’s life story from the day he is born
  • How planets can show why you were blocked from furthering your education
  • Why, if a planet is in its own house, it bestows favor?
  • Know what planet is blocking you from success and what you can do about it
  • The crucial interactions between planets and houses
  • How aspects and transits can influence your behavior
  • How combinations of planets can tell you when you’re likely to meet your soulmate
  • What’s blocking you from financial success?
  • Why do you have addictions and what to do about them?
  • What afflicted planet can cause you to suffer from obesity?

Ready to Learn How to Write Great Essays?
Let’s do it.

Sun and Saturn

In learning how to write great essays, start your informal essay with a compelling title. This will alert your reader about what’s to come. I will post an informal essay below as an example.

Since I’ve talked about the topic of astrology, and since I am somewhat familiar with the subject, I will write about it:

 Saturn, the Planet With a Bad Rap

Many people, even those only slightly familiar with astrology often fear Saturn’s influence in their lives. They’ve heard that Saturn is cold and metes out karma. They believe that he can be a hard taskmaster and that he can cause delays in someone receiving their goods.

I concur, but there is so much more to Saturn. He, too, has a positive side. First, let me share some interesting mythology background I’ve come across regarding Saturn and the Sun. This is in accord with the study of  Vedic astrology.

The Sun’s wife at some point could no longer stand his intense heat. She then created a duplicate of herself, which became her shadow. The shadow bore the Sun's children, one of whom was Saturn (Vedic Astrology).

Saturn is called Shani, or “slow mover” in Sanskrit. The children of the Sun’s first wife became angry with Saturn and struck him in the foot. As a result, Saturn walks with a limp. He is also the slowest planet, due to his foot injury, as he moves through the houses (“Saturn.” Ask Ganesha).

From my readings of Vedic astrology regarding the Sun, it is said that he is radiant, handsome, warm, represents the ego, has leadership qualities, and represents the soul. On the other hand, Saturn is said to be the opposite, shadowy like his mother. He is also said to be cold and ugly. But he does represent excellence due to hard work, humility, and perseverance.

In addition, because the Sun discovered the deceit between his wife and her shadow, resulting in him having an illegitimate son, and because Saturn is not handsome and is lame, Sun shuns him. On the other hand, it is said that Saturn feels his father’s rejection and hates him for it.

Does this then suggest that this conflict between the Sun and Saturn will play out when they come in contact with each other during their transits, aspects, or if someone is born with her Sun in Capricorn (Saturn rules Capricorn)?

If yes, then Bingo! That would be me.

My Sun is in Capricorn since I was born on December 25th. (Don’t hold your breath waiting for me to tell you the year. Just know that it was long, long ago.)

 At the time of my birth, the Sun and Saturn were present. Does the infighting between this dynamic duo, the Sun and Saturn, hardcore enemies, assigned to attend my birth, mean that my life is filled with calamity? No, because other planets influence my life. These planets mitigate some of the strife I may have had otherwise.

In all birth charts, the Sun and Saturn meet at some point for a period of time to influence a person’s life. Saturn, being conservative, may keep a person’s behavior more in check during this time. And the Sun being more radiant, may influence a person to be more brilliant and committed to his/her goals. Again, it depends on the influence of other planets that are involved.

From my studies, I believe that although Saturn is a disciplinarian, he’s fair. After you’ve learned your lesson, after your long-suffering is ended, you may be rewarded in some way. Your illness is resolved or your money is found or he hands you a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Saturn can block or limit or delay the good that is trying to reach you. Why? Maybe it’s because of a karmic debt you owe. Maybe it’s to build your character, promote maturity, and facilitate wisdom.

"If God wants to destroy a man, He gives him everything. If God wants to build a man, He takes away everything." -Unknown

In other words, it seems to say that if a man has everything, he becomes complacent, is not willing to work hard, and will neglect his talents and abilities. On the other hand, if a man has nothing, he will consistently seek answers to his state of impoverishment. His search will lead him to a deep well within himself. This deep well, of course, is where God resides. And from the guidance he finds there, he perseveres until he creates a life of value.

According to a student of Tropical Vedic Astrology named Gina from Her Cosmic Crown, “All planets at their highest state exude noble qualities. Saturn represents the willingness to do the arduous work that lots of people aren't  able to or don't want to do, such as working three jobs to pay the bills or working nights doing intense labor. Saturn symbolizes the lower working class that often goes unnoticed in society but without them, society would collapse. Saturn indicates accomplishing greatness through perseverance despite one's weaknesses, if it is well-disposed in the chart."

In other words, in order to achieve great things in life, it's pivotal to have a strong Saturn. Success requires patience, carrying burdens, and having a healthy detachment from things that could otherwise hold us back. These are some characteristics of Saturn.

What’s also good to know is that because Saturn is restrictive, he can restrict or limit pain and suffering. He can also bestow wisdom through experience.

If you let Little Johnny loose in the candy store, he may eat himself sick. You may as well make an appointment with the dentist right then. Would you be considered a hard disciplinarian if you limited Little Johnny to just two small candies? No, you would be considered prudent.

Consider Sun as a car. It likes to shine everywhere, unchecked, and sometimes with unbearable heat. Consider Saturn as the brakes, slowing it down, cooling it down, giving the lesson of caution, and control.

Sitting around a fire, warming your hands on a frosty night is blissful. Yet, if you touch the flames (Sun), you will to some degree get burned. Consider this a lesson from Saturn.

Still, we often dread seeing Saturn moving into one of our houses because when he comes to teach, he’s not above using his walking stick to crack our knuckles to garner our attention for the experience. (Remember, he uses a walking stick because he’s lame. The cause of this injury, mythologically speaking, is due to his getting into a kerfuffle with his siblings from another mother who struck him in the foot. But that’s another story for another time.)

Saturn unpacks his bags and hangs up his hat and coat when he conjuncts a planet during transit because being the slowest moving planet, he will take up residence in a house for a while. 

In astrology, there are 12 houses that are naturally ruled by each Zodiac sign. Planets constantly move through different houses in our natal charts, creating aspects and triggers.

Saturn enters my sixth house in March 2023. The sixth house naturally ruled by Virgo, relates to health, debt, and other issues. Saturn will point out my weaknesses and give me lessons. He will be my sixth house guest for two and a half years.

In order for me to know more about what Saturn has up his sleeve for me when he enters my sixth house, I will consult my astrologer at Her Cosmic Crown who alerted me to his coming visit in the first place.

Astrology helps me understand why I do the things I do, as well as my life’s purpose. I am more patient and forgiving and loving with myself, and others. Astrology assures me that all things are as they should be, and I thank Saturn for my lessons and the ability to persevere through hardships.

In learning how to write great essays, I enjoyed my experience in writing about Saturn, if not a great essay, then I hope it's at least a good one.

I thank Her Cosmic Crown for her astounding astrological insights and guidance. Interested in learning more about astrology and about her many services? Go to:

Focusing on how to write commanding essays will hopefully encourage you to the point of putting down any hesitations you may have and picking up that writing pen.

Figure with pen

Learning how to write great essays will make you proud and successful. The time to do it is now.

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