"Start writing, no matter what.
The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on."

Louis L'Amour

Essay Writing and General Writing Tips

Student writing

Essay writing and general writing knowledge are great tools to have in your toolbox. To write a great essay, you must know that this genre has its foundation in general writing. General writing concerns itself with proper sentence structure, choosing the right words to convey exactly what you mean, and many more points. Avoid clichés in your essay writing and general writing; they downgrade the quality of your writing.

Having great skills in essay writing and writing in general, will give you a head start when you’re entering the world of job opportunities. You never know when you’ll be required to write a report or respond to one that may be much like an essay. Be ready to do so and do an admirable job. Having these skills in your arsenal will give you the confidence to face the competitive job arena.

Essay Writing

There are two types of essays, formal and informal. The formal essay is structured and typically has an introduction, body, and conclusion. It has a thesis and is written in the third person. The formal essay is used in academia.

The informal or personal essay still has structure but much less than the formal one. It grants you leeway. It is written from a personal point of view and in the first or second person. The informal essay can use some slang and can be rambling. It also typically lacks a thesis. An informal essay may be required when applying for admission to a school of higher learning.

You may have questions about essay writing. Some of them may include:

  • How do I start an essay?
  • How do I make my essay stand out?
  • What are the four basic types of essays?
  • What is the importance of writing an essay?
  • How will my essay help me get admitted to a university?

If these questions, or similar ones, are in the uppermost part of your mind, then stick around. This site is for you. Even if you’ve had experience with essay writing, there’s more to learn. 

There’s always more.

General Writing

This type of writing includes many topics.

Starting your own business? You’ll need to write a thorough and sensible business plan that will become your road map to help you circumvent areas of confusion. Your writing skills will give you that extra oomph needed in your chosen field. Those who tend to succeed in business, tend to have a solid business plan.

Perhaps you just have the hankering to write your memoir or autobiography or that novel you know is inside you trying to mule-kick its way out. Then, this site is for you. 

Essay writing and general writing constitute a journey. You never know where having great writing skills will take you. Besides having these skills to get you through school, you will need them far beyond that. 

If you’re applying for a job, you need a resume. How will you create one that is organized and according to format? How will you create one that stands out favorably?

How about writing limericks and children’s books? Realize though, that writing is known to be lonely work. Yet, alone time can help you tap into that deep well of creativity that resides within you.

At some point, you may want to write a book of short stories or a screenplay. The writing skills that you learn now will make it that much easier when that time comes. 

When studying essay writing and general writing, if frustration sets in while you’re doing your writing take the dog for a stroll, get a snack, or at least stretch and take a few deep breaths.

Learning good grammar and sentence structure and other valuable tips will be the scaffold upon which essay writing and general writing are formed. This site will feature many examples of different types of writing.

Let's look at a few topics this site will explore:

  • Grammar
  • How to edit your paper
  • Proper essay writing format
  • How to improve your writing
  • Transition words and phrases
  • And so much more...

Yep, we gotcha covered! 

Famous People Who Understood Essay Writing
and General Writing

Books and Essays

Famous writers of essays have given us their works over the centuries. And they write in many genres, such as satire, politics, fiction, and adventure, to name a few. Here are just two examples of famous essay writers.

George Orwell

George Orwell’s “A Collection of Essays. ”The best way to learn to describe the time you live in and share your own personal reflection on human vices is to read Mr. Orwell's uncompromising style. Those who are frequently required to write historical essays should praise all the literary gods for Orwell's wonderful collection of essays" (Gray).

Image: Dream by Wombo

In regard to essay writing and general writing, some writers concentrate on one genre. But Alice Walker shows her versatility. She's a novelist and a poet, who also writes essays that deal with race and gender.

Alice Walker

Alice Walker is an author, legend, and activist. The Color Purple, her most well-known book, was published in 1982 and celebrates the resilience and independence of black women. Walker's novels illustrate and highlight the racial oppression that African American citizens in America experience, and her poetry collections give readers a glimpse into her private thoughts during the Civil Rights movement. She continues to promote equal rights and has inspired people all over the world (Swanson).

Image: Dream by Wombo

If you're interested in essay writing and general writing, you will find valuable information here. Your understanding and practice will beef up your writing skills. Here, we are committed to helping you learn the process quickly. In other words, you will soon be best in class.


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