Interested in Script Writing?
Here’s What You Need to Know

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Interested in script writing or screenplay writing? It offers an unprecedented opportunity to get your story on the big screen. Many authors’ goals are to have the stories they dream about, memorialized on film. If others can dream of doing this and have it happen, there’s an opportunity for you to do the same.

Are you interested in script writing because it seems glamorous? Many believe it does but underestimate the hard work that it takes to separate the serious writers from the dabblers. For a career in screenplay writing, you must know that the bar in the industry standards is set high.

It helps tremendously, or it’s perhaps necessary, to have been born with a “writing gene.” That is to say, you were born to write. Even if writing were not your profession, at least you should have a propensity or a strong yearning to write.

If you are seriously interested in script writing, Trottier has some professional advice on the topic:

You may have heard that breaking into the movie business is tough. It is. However, if you write a script that features a character that has a clear and specific goal, and there is strong opposition to that goal, leading to a crisis and an emotionally satisfying ending, your script will automatically find itself in the upper 5%. Few would-be writers have mastered even the basics of screenwriting. (Trottier 3)

Of course, there is so much more to writing a great screenplay than just having a strong character facing opposition, and Trottier’s book, The Screenwriter’s Bible, takes you deftly along the highways and byways of script writing.

You will need to master the basics before attempting to construct a serious screenplay:

  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Scenes
  • Description
  • Dialogue

Moving on from the basics, your screenplay will need to step it up to another level:

  • High concept
  • Subtext
  • Flow
  • Betrayal
  • Marketing

And there is much more beyond this.

Are You Still Interested in Script Writing?

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Are you able to sit for long periods of time in order to write? Do you have a creative mind that can turn random ideas into stories, and can these stories entertain others? Do you enjoy reading screenplays and critiquing movies? 

If you answered yes to the above questions, you might have the "writing gene." Let’s start if you're still interested in script writing. There are many ways to get educated on how to write a script. Many ways are fun.

A few years ago I took a writer’s cruise to Alaska. Days before embarking, we were given a writing assignment that we turned in to the instructors. On board, our instructors critiqued our writing assignment and gave us verbal feedback. We were also able at that time to pitch our screenplays to a producer. It was a great learning experience.

Other times, I went to writers' conferences in Hawaii, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and other locations. All offered another piece to the writing puzzle. 

Search ways to further your education if you're interested in script writing. Take workshops and classes in person or online. They focus on how to hone the craft. Some also offer a service that critiques your script. Consider entering script writing contests as well. Here, you will often be given feedback on your submission. You may even win the contest and / or get noticed by producers and agents and actors.

One of my favorite online courses is from Here are some of the things they offer:

  •  The 30 Day Screenplay
  • How to Write Action Movies
  • How to Write Terrifying Horror Scripts
  • Comedy Writing
  • Books, software, and much more…

As there are various classes that teach basic writing skills, there are also a number of screenwriting software to choose from for typing your script.

Google will bring you several from which to choose. My favorite, however, is Final Draft ( Check out many of the features this popular software tool offers.

If You're Interested in Script Writing,
You May be Interested in Movie Making

Script movies

You can produce and sell your own movies. Many have done so successfully and sold them to Netflix, Hulu, and other such companies. Of course, you will need to have studied how to market your screenplay.

Producers look for scripts in order to make movies. They’re also on the lookout for writers who can turn their own ideas into a script. One such place producers can be found is on InkTip. It’s well worth exploring. Find these producers on

Another outlet for those looking to sell their scripts and movies is AFM (American Film Market). This is an annual film industry event held in November. This eight-day event accommodates 7,000 plus people geared to network, sell, finance, and acquire films. AFM is located in Santa Monica, California.

Are you still interested in script writing, a craft that can lead to many opportunities? How much time you're willing to invest and how motivated you are and how much talent you bring to the table, go a long way in determining how big of the slice of pie you'll get.

If you're ready, begin now.

Trottier, David. The Screenwriter's Bible: A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script. Los Angeles, Silman-James Press, 2019.

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