Use Other Words for Writings to Make Your Project More Understandable

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There are other words for writings that you can use in your essays and articles. How boring and inappropriate it would be to continue to use the word writings when you’re crafting an article. For instance:

My writings will show that I value communication and will strive to deliver heartfelt messages. These writings will be clear and concise. The ideas that I will make in my writings will be in bullet points. Writings are . . .

As you can see, the continued use of the word writings takes away from the message. This is because now the reader is confronted by the word writings, which becomes an unnecessary focal point. Sooner rather than later, she may shout, “Get a synonym!” 

Since the English language is comprised of a treasure trove of words, synonyms for most words are abundant. In other words, there are synonyms for the word writings. Let’s get to them.

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Other words for writings include:


This word is often used to infer a formal or published work. It suggests a more professional and superior aspect of writing.  For instance, “My uncle loves to read fine literature, especially books by Ernest Hemingway and Franz Kafka.”


Prose directly exhibits concepts, ideas, and stories. It does not take into account poetry, dramatic dialogue, and songs. 

“Prose is a style used that does not follow a structure of rhyming or meter . . . [It] follows a grammatical structure using words to compose phrases that are arranged into sentences and paragraphs. . . . Prose follows . . . writing that is most common among . . . literature such as novels, magazines, and journals” (DeGuzman).

For example, “The prose in Malcolm’s story is so engaging that I read his story three times.”


This word can refer to a music arrangement or to writing. It can be used in an academic or creative sense. Example: ”The student turned in his composition on the preservation of the rainforest.”


This word denotes writing, such as documents, novels, and historical works, that is typed or hand-written. It infers that the writing has not been published. Example: “Joanna hopes to have her manuscript finished in time to submit it to the novel writing contest."


You may be familiar with this word as it pertains to spoken communication; however, it also pertains to written communication. When adding a word to build your vocabulary, the word discourse is a great one to have. Example: “Ian’s discourse on home-schooling is becoming all the rave."


As it suggests, this word indicates writings that have been printed. This includes newspapers, books, journals, short stories, and so forth. "The publication of the anthology put smiles on the faces of the authors whose stories appeared within."


This word is best used when referring to writings that appear in newspapers, journals, magazines, or online platforms. “Cameron publishes two or three articles a week on his website."


You will not use the word documents often in place of the word writings unless you are denoting formal, legal, historical, or official writings. Example: “The documents presented to the court were lost in a fire.”

  There Are Even Other Words for Writings.
What Are They?


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Choosing the same words ad nauseam will lead your writing down the worn path of blah-ness. Since language is ever expansive, there is always a reward for those who look for and find words with which they are unfamiliar. Reaching outside of the same box will flex your writing muscles. 

My writing teacher used these synonyms for the word writings: 

  • Piece
  • Paper
  • Work
  • Project

Of course, there are still other synonyms, awaiting your awareness.

These synonyms can be used to denote the type of writing that you’re working on. The piece or the paper or work or project that I’m working on now is about using other words for writings. 


I plan to write a short piece about the rat. This rodent is one of the smartest existing animals but is given little credit for this fact.

My paper will show how the crocodile thrived while many other species met their doom through extinction.

Her written work regarding the care of senior animals awarded her a letter of commendation.

The project includes many pages and diagrams detailing how the mummies will be transported to the museums in Egypt.

Choosing from among these synonyms for other words for writings, should have you well on your way to crafting admirable works. Further, this can also be a starting point for you to capture more synonyms to add to your ever-expanding list. 

Feel free to write different sentence structures if you want to avoid repetition of particular words or phrases. Synonyms will do just that. They will also allow you more understanding of the flexibility of the English language, as well as its incredible depth.

It’s been said that a word is a small universe in itself. I believe it. It has an origin, a category, a pronunciation, and more. How exciting, then, to explore the many, many universes that words offer, one after another, synonym after another throughout a lifetime.

Never stop exploring!

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