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Admission essay writing help is invaluable in helping you get admitted to graduate school or to a university. The admission essay, or personal statement as it is sometimes called, is your calling card. It gives a snapshot of who you are. 

There is the formal essay and the informal essay: “Formal essays may include admission essays, scholarship essays and . . . cause and effect essay[s], persuasive or even argumentative. Informal essays . . . tend to be more personal, they have a sense of humor and feature common interest” (MyMMANews).

This article will focus on the informal essay. The informal essay is written in the first person, meaning it uses the personal pronouns of I, me, or my.  Being less structured than the formal essay, it can be rambling. 

Give special attention to your admission essay as you will need to look good on paper. Face it, competition for admission to higher learning institutions is fierce. Your grades should be high enough to be a serious candidate for admission.

However, if your grades and other admission criteria still have the admission counselors unsure about admitting you or not, a great admission essay may be the factor that tips the scale in your favor.

This admission essay writing help article will give you pointers that will offer you a leg-up over the competition. Research the institution you’re applying to in order to make sure you have all the items they require as well as the format.

Here is information that some academic institutions may require:

  • Admission essay
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Letters of recommendation
  • High school and/or undergraduate transcripts

One college professor I’ll call Mrs. Mendez shares with the Admission Essay Writing Help site, advice that she gives her students regarding letters of recommendation.

“I tell my students that if they consistently come to class late or are often absent for no legitimate reason, when they ask me for a letter of recommendation, I will not be able to give them one. I’ve also had students who are disrespectful. They sleep in class, use their cell phones in class, and can be disruptive by talking to other students inappropriately during class. I will not give disrespectful students a letter of recommendation.

"Of course, if they have these bad habits in the first place, their grades are not likely competitive enough to get admitted to graduate school or a university.”

Mrs. Mendez further states that the admission essay is valuable because it can lead to a face-to-face interview.

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She tells this admission essay writing help site that when she was applying for admission to universities, she worked very hard on her admission essay and felt that she did a great job. “Apparently, the university of my choice thought so, too,” she said. “I was invited for an in-person interview. I prepared well for it. I dressed in casual business attire, was early for the meeting, and answered questions confidently and thoroughly that the university had for me. I was overjoyed when, weeks later, I received an email stating that I was granted admission.”

This Admission Essay Writing Help site is only valuable if you are serious about aspiring to go to graduate school or to a university. Another tip for the pursuit of this goal is that while universities may not require you to have been involved in extracurricular activities, they consider it a bonus if you have been.

Imagine if you’re on the admissions panel and you are considering applicants. You come across an applicant who not only has top grades and SAT or ACT scores, a shining academic essay, and letters of recommendation like the other candidates, but offers more.

Suppose a student speaks another language, belongs to a student-run club, has served in the Peace Corps, or does volunteer community work? It's commendable when the applicant can balance academia with other aspects of life, and do well. It points to the applicant’s ability to be well-rounded, and flexible, and to show interest in society.

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Regarding the essay, Pippen states, “Keep the ‘personal’ in [the] personal essay . . . To be honest, we don’t really care that much what you write about, as long as you’re writing about you . . . This is one time when it’s okay to be self-centered – more than anything, we want to know about you” (Pippen 2013).

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Often rules are not hard and fast. This also pertains to the length of the admission essay. But be sure to find out the school’s format requirements before submitting your essay. Here’s an example of an admission essay.


Admission Essay

Somewhere University 

Degree Objective: A.u.D in Audiology

I, like many people, took my hearing for granted. I enjoyed dancing to music and knowing how it made me comfortable when I was not feeling well. Only when my hearing was threatened did I come to know its value.

By the time I was 12 years old, I had had many ear infections. At this age, though, I started to experience a lot of pain in my ear, and I had trouble balancing myself. My hearing decreased by 50 percent. I was devastated by not knowing what was happening to me and if I would get better. The saying, to suffer in [near] silence, became meaningful to me. And my dancing and singing stopped abruptly. 

After weeks of fear, tears, pain, and hearing loss, my hearing returned completely through treatment. Only with this suffering did I realize that I could never take the gift of hearing for granted.

Sometimes through life’s hiccups, good things show up. During my illness, my life’s mission came into focus. It was an ah-ha moment. I realized that without sound, I could not enjoy the beat of Janet Jackson’s music. And I could not hear Fonzie’s padded footsteps or his playful bark. 

Helen Keller said, “Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people.”

This was my experience with near-deafness. But I’m one of the lucky ones since my hearing returned. My passion is to help others through their silent moments whether temporary or long-lasting.

San Diego State University offered a laboratory for principles of audiometry. Here, I experienced the audiometry equipment. I loved the class. I consider myself to be a good student through being self-disciplined, passionate about my studies, and studious.

Since age 12, I realize that my higher calling is to strive for a career in audiology. I would love to attend your university’s graduate program since it is my first choice. Your university also has a great reputation and having a doctoral degree will give me the credence and ability to reach those in my community who will greatly benefit from my services. 

There are many areas where my services can be of value. These include the school district, and the Veteran’s Administration, private practice, and teaching classes in audiology. 

Thank you in advance for considering my application. Please contact me for any questions you may have for me.

Upon graduating, I will commit to helping people hear better, even if it's just to hear the padded footsteps and the playful bark of their Fonzie. 

For more information on how to write your admission essay, check out this site:

Also, be on the lookout for more important information here at the Admission Essay Writing Help site.

Best of luck with all of your career goals.

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