Studying Essay Writing Books Will Help to Bring Out the Writer in You

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Great essay writing books will guide you through the process of writing your paper from start to finish. Learning proper writing skills will give you a confidence boost. Learning what not to do will save you time and help you avoid frustration.

Do you want to be an average writer? Then this is not the place for you. No average writers are allowed. Here you will learn skills that will make your essay stand out from the crowd.

Sometimes it’s confusing to know where to start. Of course, you know to start at the beginning, but you may wonder exactly where is the beginning. Essay writing books stress the importance of writing a great introduction, body, and conclusion.

Essay writing can be compared to baking a tasty cake. First, brainstorm what type of cake you want. Do you want a Caramel Cake or a White Chocolate Cheese Cake or Coconut Pineapple Cake? Find a recipe for which type of cake you’re choosing. 

Heat the oven. Bring out your tools—your cake mixer, measuring cups, the Bundt pan, and so forth. Gather together the ingredients.


Follow the recipe. If you did so, the cake should be delicious. If you forgot a key ingredient or put apple cider vinegar in it instead of applesauce, the cake may not be palatable.

Let These Essay Writing Books be Your Recipe to a Tasty Essay

Essay writing books

Below is a list of three essay writing books that will help you master the essay:

  • Writing Essays for Dummies
  • Essay Writing Police: On Guard of Your Literacy
  • 100 Successful College Application Essays 

The first book, Writing Essays for Dummies, features the importance of having the proper mindset:

Keep your writing neutral. Try not to sound angry or overexcited, and don’t get dewy-eyed or sentimental. Avoid apologizing for your work, and try to stay grounded, dodging passages where you go off on flights of fantasy. Have faith in the evidence and ideas you've gathered. Confidence should make your argument strong without you having to use flowery, overblown language. (Page and Winstanley)

Following the above information closely will give you a strategic advantage in learning how to craft essays properly.

The second book, Essay Writing Police: On Guard of Your Literacy, warns about a common error in writing an introduction section:

One of the most common errors in writing an introductory section relates to generalizing the information mentioned without narrowing it to the particular topic . . . Students usually think that starting the essay with the general information is the key to success, but making it too broad without focusing on the concept regarded further in the essay is a sure way to fail. (Essay Shark, ch. 1)

Staying on guard to avoid mistakes is a major step when it comes to writing great essays.

The third of the essay writing books in this series is: 100 Successful College Application Essays. Out of hundreds of essays from which to choose, this book details the editor's top 100 choices and gives this advice::

In regards to the essay, the editors state that “…while no essay will make an unqualified student acceptable, a good essay can help a qualified applicant stand out from the competition. A good essay just might be what turns a ‘maybe’ into a ‘yes’” (The college application The Harvard Independent, Simplicity and Impact).


By studying great essay writing books, you will improve not only your skills in writing essays, but also your writing skills in general. Knowing how to write is a great tool to have in your arsenal. You may need to possess this skill when you least expect it. 

With so many essays being submitted to instructors and admission offices, yours will need to shine. Put forth the extra time and research that will make your essay do so. While others settle for average, make sure yours pushes the bar.

Think of your essay as your calling card. Make it impressive. Make it so irresistible that it will be one of your reader’s top picks. Let these essay writing books help to bring out the writer in you.

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